February 09, 2016

When visiting a country or region, going for a market shopping must be included on your to-do list. Market shopping is fun, you can buy local items with good price, taste their special foods and the most important is to interact with the local people. But wait! There are some things you need to know when going on a market shopping.
1. Bring a Backpack
When shopping in the markets, it is highly likely you will leave with things you did not intend on buying in the beginning. You will be grateful for all that empty space in your bag. 
2. Dress comfortably
Although the market is a shopping center, it is certainly not a mall. Wear light clothing that will keep you cool and shoes that are made for long walks.
3. Bargain
Most of the prices given to you are far from the original price. Bargaining is a skill you must bring to the market. If you are not good at bargaining, bring a friend who is. Otherwise, you will overpay.
4. Be Prepared
The market is almost always filled with people, so it might be a little stuffy. Get ready also to politely shoo the sellers who are eager to show off their products to the potential buyers.
5. Beware of the Pickpockets
Keep your phones and wallets safely where you can reach them. If you don’t absolutely need them, leave your phone and wallet at home. Just bring a few rupiahs and fold it in your pocket.
6. Take Your Time and Have Fun
There will always be something for everyone. So look around, find a price that is fair to you and enjoy your time at the market!
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Source: Journey Indonesia, January 2016