Welcoming New Year at the Top of Bromo

December 14, 2015

There are various ways to celebrate New Year from around the world. Some people would put their memories on fire or even throw things on New Year’s Eve as you can read here (link to MKS article). In Indonesia, especially in Surabaya, people would mostly spend their New Year’s Eve to gather around with families, relatives or neighbors, or visiting several hot spots that present free entertainments in town. This year, celebrate your very own New Year’s Eve in different way, hiking! Never went on hiking before? No worry. You can still hike this mountain and upload your first-sunrise-in-2016 experience to social media.


If you already make a reservation to stay at Singgasana Hotel Surabaya by the end of this year (discount up to 15% with Singgasana Festive Offer!), you can ask our staff to set up your trip to Bromo. There, you can witness the once in a year moment that you would never forget, plus other picturesque scenery such as the Blue Fire in Kawah Ijen, play in the savannah, and more.


If you never been here before, here are some things you need to know and prepare prior your departure.


1. Jacket

Since the air temperature is low and the hike is usually conducted at four in the morning, wearing jacket is a must!

2. Shoes and Socks 

One you must not to forget, you are going to hike a mountain. Wearing sandal will only slowing you down and is not comfortable to wear in this condition, and socks could help you warm your body.

3. Shawl and Mask 

Protect your nose with shawl or mask. Mask is useful when the weather in Bromo is windy and sand will scattered around.

4. Gloves 

Thick gloves will protect your fingers from cramps. If you forgot to bring gloves, maybe your crush’s hands could also warm you up. Ooops! 

5. Selfie Stick

Once you get on top, and see the first sunrise in 2016 don’t forget to take selfies! But please mind your steps and don’t let yourself falling.