Awe-Inspiring Active Volcanoes in Indonesia, Episode: Mount Semeru

November 26, 2015

Mount Semeru is the tallest mountain in Java. The name is derived from the mystical Hindu-Buddhist mountain gods, Meru and Sumeru, which is why the mountain is so called Mahameru, which means The Great Mountain. The stravolcano is 3,676 meters high, and every now and then, the volcano belches out huge steam and smoke clouds, sometimes along with ash and stone. From a reasonable distance, the erupting volcano can give onlookers one of the best panoramas they have ever seen in their lives.


Considered a must for mountain climbers, hikers, and even plain nature lovers, there are endless picturesque landscapes all the way to the peak of the mountain. From atop Semeru, climbers can see calderas and also the spectacular view of nearby volcanoes such as Batok and Bromo. Though this is the highest mountain in Java, the hike is considered easy even for seasonal hikers. The most difficult part of the climb is said to be the last slope to the summit. But after that final slope, you will surely appreciate the reward. However caution is crutial during the climb.


For nature lovers who do not wish to conquer the mountain or are too tired to journey on the summit, do not despair. Without climbing the peak, hikers can always enjoy the heavenly surroundings, such as the lake Ranu Kumbolo. The lake is turquoise blue and is surrounded by superb green hills. Just a walk from the lake, hikers can also enjoy the view of the Oro Oro Ombo Meadow, which is a 100-hectare savannah. After resting around the lake and the savannah, gather your energy for the 2 hour walk to Jambangan Field. Jaws will surely drop at the sight of the rolling expanse of edelwies flowers covering the entire landscape. 



Source: Journey Magazine, November 2015



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