Religious Tour in Surabaya

November 16, 2015

Christmas and New Year season is coming, and for you, who are going to spend this holiday season in Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, make sure to book our special offer to get more exclusive benefits from our hotel. Surabaya has hundreds of tourist attractions ranging from the dynamic city living to the beauty of nature. Located right in town and close to Singgasana Hotel Surabaya is the oldest church in Surabaya, built in 1815, the Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria Catholic Church. 


This church is situated at Kepanjen street, so it is also known as Gereja Kepanjen (Kepanjen Church). Beside its main function as a Catholic church, this building is also open for public. Many people are attracted to the uniqueness of the building, and since it is the oldest Catholic Church in town people are also come here seeking for the history of its establishment.


The story begun when two young Dutch missionaries; Phillipus Wedding and Hendricus Waanders came to Surabaya in around 1800s. Wedding then moved to Batavia while Waanders keep staying at Surabaya. Hendricus Waanders then started to build a house which was also functioned as church, but as the congregation grew larger and need more space, they built the Kepanjan Church. This baroque style church has been renovated a view times since its establishment without changing its original shapes. Several statues of Catholic religious figures are placed in certain areas to enhance the beauty of this old building.


If you could take great pictures in just the right angle, then you could look like you’re in Europe. Interested to take a visit to Kepanjan Church? Don’t forget to ask for permits prior your arrival by contacting the church officer and they would love to take you around.  You could also join the Surabaya Heritage Track tour presented by House of Sampoerna. Mass service is available on Saturday at 18:00 and Sunday at 06:00, 08:000 and 18:00.