Knowing Various Kind of Plants at Taman Flora

October 06, 2015

Plant and planting might not be a priority for people nowadays, especially those living in the urban area. No matter either they are big or small, without plants there will be no life. Plants produce oxygen to provide the pulse for all mankind in this world, in other words they are really important to keep the sustainability of our ecosystem. To build a city park or a little flower garden by one’s house will not just soothing and refreshing, it will also adding beautiful scenery to each eyes.


As we already know, Surabaya’s city government has been working so hard to build new city parks and public areas for their citizen. Their efforts are paid off with various national and international awards, Surabaya is now known as the environmental friendly city. Visiting the Taman Flora Bratang or the Bratang Flora Park while you are in Surabaya could be such a low-cost yet educative tourism destination. Even though the entrance fee is free, this park provides various attractive facilities for children such as; outbound area, giant birdhouse, fish pond and deer. 


Beside to educate children about various kinds of plants, they could also feed the deer and fish. Just bring some vegetables from home or buy them at the park with a very cheap price. To reach Taman Flora Bratang, you can drive for about 30 minutes from Singgasana Hotel Surabaya. Singgasana Hotel Surabaya is also surrounded with tropical greens and provides an outbound area that you can enjoy with the whole family.