4 Must Visited Places in Surabaya

July 02, 2015

Coming home to your hometown and gathering around with families is always the happiest moment in Ramadan. And if you’re going to Surabaya during this Ramadan holiday, don’t forget to visit these top 4 tourism destinations with your kids and family.


1. Surabaya City Tour

You can start your city tour from Jl. Kedung Doro for a culinary adventure then continue for a historic tour in House of Sampoerna for free. The museum that belongs to the Sampoerna family also provides a free bus tour that goes around the old city of Surabaya.


2. Bromo National Park

The Teletubbies hill, do exist! You can found it in Bromo National Park. The main attraction in this place is the Sunrise Tour where tourists have to go to the top of the mountain the night before with jeep, and then witness the beautiful scenery as the sun rises in the morning. How cool is that.


3. Kawah Ijen

Why you should go to Kawah Ijen? Because there are only two Blue Fires exist in this world, one in Iceland and the other one is here in East Java.  


4. Kota Batu

About 2-3 hours from Surabaya, you can go to Batu tourism village to enjoy fresh mountain air or play at JATIM Park and Agro Kusuma (agro tourism of fruits and vegetables). Spend the night at Batu Night Spectacular or relax in the Alun-alun. It is not hard to find a tourism object in Batu. 


Stay with us during your Ramadhan holiday  in Singgasana Hotel Surabaya and we’ll take you there. Pick up your phone and dial, or choose our package and book online through this website to get the best rate available. See you in Surabaya!