Stay Fit & Healthy During the Fasting Month

June 09, 2015

Ramadhan is coming! Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if you could always be fit and healthy during this month full of blessings? For some people who don’t have to work or doing so many activities during Ramadhan, it might be not that hard to be fasting; now what if you are an active person? How to give a maximal performance on work while you are fasting? Here are some tips for you.

Pre-Dawn Meal
•    Better avoid sweets or foods that contain too much sugar because it could cause limp to your body in the noon.
•    Drink milk! Milk could prevent anemia that cause limp to your body.
•    Eat more fruits or juice, and don’t forget to drink water to prevent yourself from dehydration.
•    Do not eat junk foods, fries and spicy foods if you don’t want your digestion system disturbed at noon.

During Fasting
•    Take your time, do your work slowly but sure. Make sure to not get stressed by your work because stress will make your brain tired, and worse it would make you hungry.
•    Get a break! Use your break time to sleep, 15 minutes is enough to refresh your brain and body.
•    Don’t forget to do a light gym such as stretching or walk. It helps you keep your weight, maintain your blood circulation and makes your body fit all the time.

When Fast-Breaking
•    Quickly grab some sweets but do not be too hasty. Have a west prayer prior the fast-breaking to prevent your stomach from being too shocked.
•    Prepare a quick Ta’Jil like dates if you’re likely to be still on the road during the fast-breaking time. Dates really is a good fast-breaking meal for your body and it’s easy to carry.

So, here are the tips from us today, and if you are happen to be in Surabaya during this fasting month, come and stay with us because we have so many promo for you. Happy fasting!