Star Fruit and Its Benefits to Your Body

May 13, 2015

Star Fruit was originally come from Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, but today it has spread widely across South East Asia to America. It tastes sweet with a bit of sour and has a crunchy texture. Then why is it called Star Fruit? Because it has a star shaped look when its cut.

Star Fruit contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients such as carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and iron. These nutrients have a great role to maintain and increase your health, includes:

1.    Reduce the level of bad cholesterol
2.    Overcome your blood pressure
3.    Boost the work of your enzyme
4.     Prevent cancer

Until this June, you can enjoy Star Fruit with a unique creation from our F&B team, along with 2 other new beverages from our Yoghurt Creation, which are; Strawberry & Almond Milkshake, Green Tea Lassi and Star Fruit Smoothie. Enjoy our refreshing yet healthy Star Fruit Smoothie by the pool, or to boost up your mood after a long tiring day.

Yoghurt Drink Creation Rp. 35.000 / glass.