5 Facts You Need To Know About Cocoa

March 04, 2015

Time flies so fast and it is March already! You know what is hot on March in Singgasana Hotel Surabaya?

Double Cocoa Cake!

And, since it is the month of Cocoa, here we share 5 facts about cocoa that you might never know before!

1.    Most people think that COCOA is just the same with CACAO. Well, for your information, CACAO is the bean meanwhile COCOA is the product that made from it.

2.    It takes 3 – 5 years before a cocoa tree bears fruit, and each tree produce only around 1,000 beans a year which means it only enough to make 1kg of chocolate! No wonder that fine chocolate is quite expensive.

3.    Cacao beans found inside the cacao pods that surrounded by a sweet white pulp. Each pod contains between 20 – 60 cocoa beans.

4.    A cacao tree stops bearing fruit after 25 years, although it can live much longer.

5.    Cacao tree cannot release its seeds by itself, so it needs animals or human to open its pods so it can reproduce.

Now that you have read some of cocoa’s fun facts, how could you skip our Double Cococa Cake on your snack time! Grab it now at our Cake Corner.