Planning a Family Holiday In Indonesia

November 24, 2014

Planning a holiday for the whole family in volves plenty of work. Don't get bogged down in the planning stage all by yourself, have the whole family join in on the fun. Remmember thatthis is a holiday for the family, so everyone's opinions count.


Indonesia is a vast country eith countless options of vacation sports. So firsof all,decide with your family what kind of trip this is going tobe. it is going to be a nice and relaxing time  spent on the beach, or hiking and cycling on the foothills of a volcano, ora fun daily shopping trip in the market? Once you have your activities picked out, choosing a destination would be easier, if all those activities mentiones above were the objectives, then the island of Bali or Lombok  would be the best option because it offers averiety of choicesof those three activities.


If the purpose is to experience the underwater biodivercity Indonesia has to offer, then go straight to diving meccas of Indonesia, such as Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi, Komodo National Park in the water of Flores Island, or Raja Ampat in West Papua. Take advantage of resortd around the park or stay on a liveaboard vessel to expand your holliday experience.


For a more cultural trip, opt for destional such as Yogjakarta, Solo,Magelang, Semarang and other cities in Central Java. you canhire a car, and do a road trip around the area, experience the colorfull batik shop, wayang puppet show, beautiful traditional dance, and maybe pick up one or two beautifully carved wooden statues.


Once  you decide on the destinations, the you can plan on transportation an accomodation, such asairline tickets, hotel room and rental cars, Dont forget to pack your anti-bug spray, swimming needs, hats, and sunscreen. After all, you are coming to the tropics.

Source: Journey Indonesia magazine -