Holiday Around Pandemic: Five Safe Tips to Travel

September 08, 2021

Since the beginning of 2020, there might be a lot of big plans in our lives that must be put on hold. Social gatherings such as reunion, concerts, and weddings are almost impossible to be hold during this pandemic. People are encouraged to stay home and reduce any travelling activities as little as possible. This actions are not only important to help preventing the spread of Covid-19, but also to keep ourselves and people around us safe.

But thankfully, with a huge dedication of health workers to ensure our well-being and the existence of vaccine, we're slowly getting back to the old normal. One thing you must bear in mind is that we’re still battling this invisible threat every day. So, taking necessary precautions before engaging with social activities is highly important. This month, we will share some tips for those of you who are ready to travel during the pandemic. Hopefully, this will help you to feel safer on the road.

Gather a lot of information about your destination


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Before even thinking about purchasing a plane, train, or bus ticket, there is one important task that you must do. Since Covid-19 situation will be different in every city, it is necessary to do a little research before your arrival. Visit a trusted news website or official government website and find out the number of Covid-19 cases in that city for the last 7 days. If the numbers become smaller, then it is safe to say that the city handles their cases with a good strategy. You can spend your day without worrying too much about safety issues.

Pack all vital necessity in one bag


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After successfully gather all information regarding your destination, what you have to do is start preparing your travelling necessity. Since we're still living alongside pandemic, there are a lot of things you must add to your carry on. Medical and cloth mask are one of the greatest examples. Few years ago, masks were usually worn by people with common cold or perhaps those who didn't want to inhale polluted city's air. But now, this tool is essential to keep our safety and others from Covid-19. Hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, even antiseptic liquid are also become some of the things you want to keep close at all times.

Choose hotel with a strict safe and healthy protocols


These days, finding a hotel with the best rate is no longer a hard labour. But, with all of the situation around Covid-19, the challenge to find the 'perfect' place to stay becomes bigger. Not only you want to find a place which can acommodate your needs, but there is a great chance that you also want a hotel with strict protocols. From assisting guests to check themselves in on PeduliLindungi app, applying social distancing around restaurants, do a frequent room cleaning, to providing medical assistant around the hotel - these are the things you should be paying attention when picking out a hotel. 

Write a thorough itinerary


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Let's say you want to spend 5 days at the city of your choice. Of course, it would be impossible for you to travel some place during the pandemic without being well-prepared. After doing your research about the current Covid-19 situation on that city, it's best to start preparing an itineary. Make a thorough plan of your activities for the next few days. For example, you're planning on visiting a museum, coffee shop, or shopping centre on day one - itinerary will help you to arrange the timeline of your visit. Although itinerary can often sounds a bit rigid, it is important to create a plan during this unprecedented situation that we live in.

Get yourself tested for Covid-19


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After purchasing your ticket, packing a bag, and writing down an itinerary, don't forget to get a Covid-19 test a day before your departure. On an article released by The Jakarta Post in 2020, the national Covid-19 task force stated that Covid-19 test like rapid antigen has to be taken by those who are planning to travel. Airports, Train Stations, and Bus Stations even provide the service for their customers. This rule must be obeyed in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Once you're ready to go back home, you are encourage to take another test to ensure the contagion isn't present.