5 Popular Food That’ll Make You Always Miss Surabaya

May 19, 2021

Happy Eid Al-Fitr, everyone! We’re hoping that you have an amazing holiday as we do this time of year. After successfully went through the holy month of Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr’s celebration became some kind of sweet reward that we all deserve. With the travelling restriction implemented by the government, we also hope that you and your families are manage to celebrate Eid in a festive yet safe manner.

Speaking of festive celebration, there is no denying that food plays an important role in this event. Because as we’ve all probably experienced, food can bring people closer together! Like many other food cities, Surabaya has some of the most amazing options when it comes to this particular area. Aside from Rujak Cingur, here are 5 most popular food in Surabaya that will definitely makes this city unforgettable to you.

  1. Lontong Balap


Photo credit @ocha_chupid via Instagram

The existence of Lontong Balap can be traced back to as late as 1913. At that time, there were several street vendors from Kutisari and Kendangsari village who started to popularize this dish. Made from the mix of lontong, bean sprouts, fried tofu, lentho, and topped with peanut sauce, Lontong Balap gained its unique name from the way these vendors sold their food. Everyday, they raced with time and other vendors around Wonokromo Market to get more costumers. Hence the name “Lontong Balap” was born.

  1. Rawon Daging


Photo credit @sam_kuliner via Instagram

If you’re not familiar with this dish, you will probably wondering about its black coloured broth. Unlike many other soups that we can find around Indonesia, Rawon has a unique element to it – all thanks to its Kluwek infused broth. In Surabaya, you can find a lot of restaurant that offers Rawon on their menu. This dish is usually best served along with a bowl of rice, bean sprouts, prawn crackers, and sambal.

  1. Tahu Tek or Tahu Telur


Photo credit @isnasutanto via Instagram

Originated from Lamongan, East Java, Tahu Tek or Tahu Telur is also considered as one of the most popular dishes in Surabaya. Consists of lontong, fried tofu, fried potato, fried egg, bean sprouts, cucumbers, topped with mixed of peanut sauce and petis, Tahu Tek is a rather versatile dish – because you can enjoy whether at lunch or dinner. For those of you who are familiar with Indonesia’s Ketoprak, Tahu Tek gives a rather similar vibe with that dish.

  1. Soto Gubeng


Photo credit @amazingindonesiafood via Instagram

In 1950, Soto Gubeng Pojok became one of the most popular pioneers of Soto dish around Surabaya. Located in Kusuma Bangsa Street, this particular vendor never seem to lose its charm after many years. Similar with other Soto dish that you have probably had before, Soto Gubeng consists with the well-balanced mix of a bowl of rice, small chunks of meat, hard boiled egg, sambal, and savoury chicken broth.

  1. Nasi Krawu


Photo credit @nasiboganamaymay via Instagram

Although this dish was originated from Gresik, East Java, Nasi Krawu has become one of the go-to meals for many people around or outside Surabaya. The perfect mixture of rice and several different toppings such as Semur Daging, Jeroan, Serundeng, and Sambal Petis is what makes Nasi Krawu rather unforgettable. Around the busiest parts of Surabaya alone, there are at least 5 famous Nasi Krawu’s vendor that will definitely worth to visit.