Exploring Surabaya on New Year’s Eve: 5 Places Worth to Visit

October 16, 2019

For as old as 2000 BC, New Year’s Eve had become one of the most heavily celebrated holidays in the history of humanity. This might sound like an exaggeration, but according to survey conducted by Pymnts.com, people in the U.S spend up to $1,000 on New Year’s Eve alone! Most of the expenses on New Year’s Eve party goes to fancy dinners, staycation at luxurious hotels, travelling, and firework shows.
Metropolitan cities in Indonesia are also known to have the most lavish New Year’s Eve party ever year. Take Surabaya for an example. On New Year’s Eve, people from all across the city will gather in several different places in Surabaya to be a part of this event. Streets will be flooded with street food vendors, stages with music performances, parades, and of course firework shows. If you haven’t had any plans on this year’s New Year’s Eve, take a look at these five places in Surabaya that might just be perfect to count the hours before 2020.

1.    Suramadu Bridge
Photo credit @fajarhw
In the early 60’s, a well-known Indonesian engineer proposed an idea of building a bridge to connect Surabaya and Madura. After went through a long and hard process, the construction of Suramadu Bridge began in 2003 and was finished around 2009. Ever since then, the longest bridge in Indonesia then becomes one of Surabaya’s most beloved and visited icons – especially around holiday seasons. People will drive across the bridge to witness the greatness of Suramadu Bridge’s construction, while also taking some pictures as souvenirs. What makes Suramadu Bridge even more special is that on special occasion like New Year’s Eve, some locals who live around the area will make firework shows as means of celebration and entertainment. This is the reason why you should pay Suramadu Bridge a visit.

2.    Taman Bungkul
Photo credit @lelycandra
Our next destination is Taman Bungkul, which is located 10 minutes away from Singgasana Hotel Surabaya. When you look at its name, you probably think that this place is just where people spend their Saturday evening. But in fact, Taman Bungkul has become one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the city since it was officially opened for public. The main reason behind Taman Bungkul’s ever-growing popularity is that this park offers numerous of facilities to accommodate its visitors – from children’s playground, jogging track, food court, green park area, and free Wi-Fi. Another exciting facts about Taman Bungkul is that every New Year’s Eve, this place will be flooded with people from all across the city. Right before midnight, they will gather to watch a fantastic firework shows while, of course, blowing their trumpets in unison. The atmosphere around Taman Bungkul will be more alive than ever.

3.    Singgasana Hotel Surabaya
Photo credit @lovesuroboyo
We can all agree than there is nothing sweeter other than spending your holiday with family. Since December is often associated with the most cheerful time of the year, it is safe to say that a nice staycation will do you no wrong. Especially in a beautiful and serene place such as Singgasana Hotel Surabaya. Located 30 minutes away from Juanda International Airport, Singgasana Hotel Surabaya has varieties of prime facilities to accommodate your family staycation – from adult and kiddies pool, spa, karaoke corner, even a camping ground! Not only that, for those of you who are planning to spend the New Year’s Eve with us, we have some amazing things to offer. This year, we have New Year’s Eve at Singgasana with JoKer theme , a special staying promo where you will also get gala dinner and breakfast for 2 (two) persons. The second thing is our Gala Dinner promo, where you can enjoy a tasty three-course-meal by the pool, accompanied by music performance and firework show at midnight. Click here to get more information and reservation.

4.    Tunjungan Street
Photo credit @vandidnov
Since the beginning of 20th century, Tunjungan Street has become one of the most well-known commercial areas in Surabaya. This can also be traced back to 1930’s when the oldest store around Jalan Tunjungan, Toko Nam, was established. Ever since then, Tunjungan Street becomes Surabaya’s beloved landmark, as well as one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. The popularity of Tunjungan Street has also draw the attention of local government and event organizers to turn this place into a fun party venue every New Year’s Eve. The streets around Tunjungan Plaza and Tunjungan Hotel will be closed for vehicles and people are allowed to take a night strolls around the area. Street food vendors will be seen at every corner of the streets, to make sure that there will be no hungry tourists around this time. If you’re lucky, you can also be a part of fun parades and enjoy some live music performances by local artists in Surabaya. Last but certainly not least, a beautiful firework show will be held to mark the end of the year.

5.    Kenjeran Beach
Photo credit @teddytamasya01
Located 9 km from the heart of the city, Kenjeran Beach is another great reason of why you should spend the New Year’s Eve in Surabaya. Not only known for its majestic Kwan Im Goddess Statue, Kenjeran Beach also offers varieties of top notch facilities with its two beaches – Old Kenjeran and New Kenjeran. In Old Kenjeran, can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view, while exploring the freshness and tastiness of Kenjeran’s seafood from some food vendors. Visitors can also surf or even rent a boat while they’re staying here. As for the New Kenjeran, the unique thing about this part of the beach is that visitors can enjoy its prime sport facilities such as tennis court, horse racing court, kart circuit, and many more. If you pay this place a visit around New Year’s Eve, chances are you will find a huge crowd of people who are looking forward to enjoy some live music performances, traditional art performances, and many more. So, make sure you’ve arrived at Kenjeran Beach a few hours before midnight!