5 Cafes with Unique Concept in Surabaya

September 02, 2019

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya surely has a lot to offer when it comes to its tourism. From historical sites such as Heroes Monument and the famous Red Bridge, to cultural tourist sites like Cheng Ho Mosque and House of Sampoerna–Surabaya is considered to be a ‘heaven’ for those who are penchant for exploring the hidden gems of the city.
From time to time, Surabaya has also evolved into a metropolitan area much like Jakarta–especially with the ever-growing numbers of hotels, malls, and trendy cafes around the area. This has also become one of the main factors behind Surabaya’s popularity amongst international and local tourists. So, it is safe to say that it’s impossible for you to get bored in Surabaya. Especially when you’re spending your time in these five unique cafes!

1. Carpentier Kitchen
Photo credit @aditkakbar
Our first destination is a unique cafe which is located in Untung Suropati road, Tegalsari. After it is officially opened for public in 2012, Carpentier Kitchen has gained popularity amongst Surabayan’s youngsters due to its unique concept. This statement is, of course, can easily be proven from the very first time we step our foot into Carpentier Kitchen. We will be greeted by its vintage-looking porch, which will instantly remind us with the comfort of Grandma’s house. Not only that, Carpentier Kitchen is also quite popular for its affordable price range. Take their pasta dishes for example. Here, visitors can enjoy Carpenter Kitchen’s signature pasta for IDR 53.000,- to IDR 59.000,- The last thing which makes this place feels quite unique is the existence of a store inside the cafe! One stop solution indeed.

2. Grandfather Coffee Shop
Photo credit @mamam.enaa
Coming in at number two is another trendy cafe in Surabaya which brings a vintage concept into the game. Located 30 minutes from Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, Grandfather Coffee Shop has become one of Surabayans favorite cafes since its grand opening. Much like Carpentier Kitchen, this place also offers comfort through its homey setting. Once you’ve entered this cafe, you’ll notice that Grandfather Coffee Shop has a similar vibe with your grandparents’ house–much like its name. This homey setting is also supported with some of the most classic furniture you’ll ever seen–ranging from Teak Wood tables, chairs, antique mirrors, antique lamps, even old motorcycles! As for its signature menu, Grandfather Coffee Shop offers wide selections of coffee drinks such as Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, and Long Black. For those of you who are more into Indonesians coffee beans, you could try out their Arabica selections like Toraja Sesean, Sumatera Gayo, or Papua Paniai.

3. One Pose Cafe

Photo credit @oneposecafe
Unlike our two previous vintage looking cafes, One Pose Cafe offers something unique and different for its visitors. Located in Puncak Permai road, Tanjungsari, this place is not only known for its wide ranges of delicious food, but also for its fun and rather feminine vibe. In 2016, One Pose Cafe was actually a waiting room of Jijin Fukuhara’s famous boutique in Surabaya. One day, she witnessed that a lot of her clients favor her boutique’s waiting room than any other room existed in that area. From here, a great idea pops into her head–“What if we turn this place into a cafe?” Hence, a Teddy Bear themed cafe was born and become a sensation across Surabaya. As previously mentioned, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you visit One Pose Cafe on your trip to Surabaya, since this place has wide array of tasty food. For instance, the classic Nasi Goreng Pose, Supreme Pizza, and Teddy Caesar Salad. To accompany those tasty meal, you can order some of the most refreshing beverages offered by One Pose Cafe, such as Fruit Punch, Fresh Yellow Whirl, or maybe Vanilla Latte for coffee lovers out there.

4. Blackbarn Coffee
Photo credit @ayumeivita
Located in Untung Suropati road, Tegalsari, Blackbarn Coffee has become another great addition to the coffee shop game in Surabaya. Established in 2015 by a local coffee enthusiast, this cafe can be a perfect option for those who are looking for a place to hang out while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. One customer on diarysivika.com mentioned that there are some aspects which makes Blackbarn Coffee become too good to be missed. For example, when you first walk into this cafe, you will notice that Blackbarn Coffee resides within an old Batavia styled building. But upon closer inspection, its monochrome and rather minimalistic interior makes this place feels a lot more modern. Not only that, Blackbarn Coffee is also known for its varieties of tasty signature drinks–from Iced Cappuccino to Iced Red Velvet. Last but not least, your visit wouldn’t feel complete without trying out Blackbarn’s recommended snacks such as Chicken Pop, Poffertjes, and Mixfries.

5. Want Cafe
Did you know that there is a perfect spot in Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, where you can take your significant others on a romantic candle light dinner? You heard that one right! Overviewing Gunungsari Road and Kalimas River, Want Cafe is a place where you can wind down after spending a long day at work. Because not only known for its nice view, this cafe also has varieties of tasty food and refreshing beverages for you to try out! For instance, we have some delicious snack selections from Fried Cassava, Fried Banana Cheese, Fried Tofu with Vegetables, and Mini Spring Rolls. If you’re looking for a Western type of meal, we also have Beef and Chicken Hot Dog, Fish and Chips, Sandwich, French Fries, and Chicken Wings. To accompany your tasty meal, you can order our signature Juice, Coffee, or maybe Tea. Last but certainly not least, there is Live Music performances every Friday and Saturday which will make your day even more splendid!