5 Unique and Stunning Themes for an Outdoor Wedding

March 18, 2019

Let’s be honest, there is nothing easy about planning a wedding and there are plenty of reasons why. One of the hardest things to do is probably making a decision over what theme you’re going to choose. Because, not only you have to make sure that everyone could agree upon your decision, but you also have to find proper strategies to assure that nothing goes array on your special day.
For those of you who might still feeling undecided upon which theme to choose, we are offering some friendly advices through this article. Here are five unique and stunning themes for an outdoor wedding that we’ve choose specifically for you. Sit back and enjoy!

1.    Rustic
One of the first things that cross your mind whenever you hear ‘Outdoor Wedding’ is probably Rustic theme – and there is a good reason behind it. Before we dive into the world of Rustic wedding, we’re going to give a brief explanation about this particular theme. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with this theme, Rustic is a style which heavily influences by nature and sustainability. How do these two aspects can be incorporated into one giant wedding theme, if you might ask? It is actually quite simple – on many Rustic themed wedding, you will find numerous of chic yet eco-friendly decorations such as using recyclable or reusable products. For those of you who might be planning on choosing Rustic theme for your wedding, venue becomes important because you want to make sure that it can accommodate your theme well. Usually, a barn will be the top choice for Rustic wedding, but since we live in Indonesia it is not easy to find the said barn. So, the alternative would be an outdoor wedding venue preferably with garden surrounded it. Since Rustic theme is all about giving back to the mother nature, make sure you use as many reusable and recyclable products as possible and you can also pick local products for the buffet. Rustic theme is not actually that hard to pull off, but it does require some extra team-work and creativity to make it come true.

2.    Festival
Couples who love the festivity of music festival or perhaps carnival, this wedding theme will probably be the best option for you. Because not only you can infuse the fun and carefree nature of a festival onto your wedding reception, but it can also be a unique alternative for couples who are getting quite bored with fairytale theme. In case you are considering Festival as on one the options for your wedding party, here are some of the most important things that you must be paying attention to. First, much like Rustic theme, an outdoor setting is crucial when it comes to Festival theme – because this setting can help you to bring the magic of a Festival to life. After finding the perfect outdoor venue, decoration is something you must be paying attention next. You can add some rustic and country element to your party by putting up some decorative tents, put up some chalkboards and draw a simple mind map which explains the story of how you two met, you can also add some colorful flags as the decoration, and last but not least food truck will be a unique addition to your Festival vibes reception. If you want to go a little bit extra, create a wedding invitation in the shape of a music festival ticket – that will certainly lighten up the mood.

3.    Classic Bohemian
If we’re talking about Bohemian style, Coachella will probably be the first thing that comes up into your mind – because some people who attend that music festival choose this particular style as their ‘concert vibes.’ But, did you know when the popularity of Bohemian style rises? It all begins in the 19th century, where many artists and intellectuals at that time were closely linked to a sub-culture known as Bohemian. The popularity of Bohemian style, however, truly begins in the 60’s and 70’s where youngsters cherished natural and free-flowing fabrics which represent not only connection to mother earth but also freedom. These days, Bohemian style is still closely adapting those elements to its general vibes and if you are looking forward to implement it on your wedding day it isn’t actually that hard. The key is that you have to understand more about the Bohemian style by doing lots of extensive research on the internet. According to justthedesign.com, since Bohemian style emphasizes on nature and freedom, it’ll be better for you to choose flowy materials as the main element on your wedding – it can be applied to your wedding dress and perhaps table cloth. As for the decoration, thespurce.com mentioned that Bohemian styles embraces the ‘more is more’ philosophy, but you need to make sure that it can compliments one another. Always choose earthy tone for your decoration and give that slightly worn out looking to it for an extra touch.

4.    Sound of Music
This might sounds like a new concept for some people, but music-themed wedding has gained a significant popularity in many countries. The main concept of this theme is basically to incorporate couple’s love and appreciation for music onto their once-in-a-lifetime moment, thus not only unique but it is also worth a shot. There are many interesting ways for you to add a music touch to your wedding and it can be started from your wedding invitation. You can create an invitation in the shape of an old record or maybe ticket to a concert. If you want to amp up your decoration game, place some interesting musical instruments as your centerpiece – it can be violins, trumpets, even an old record player. As for the wedding souvenir, you can create a custom CD which has some of your favorite song tracks, a music note keychain, or maybe a notebook in the shape of old tape cassette. To complement the musical theme, you can pick a wedding dress with flowy material to emphasize the carefree nature of this theme.

5.    Summer Time!
The key to a great summer themed wedding lay on the venue of your choice – as much as we don’t want to admit, this is probably the most crucial part of all. One of the main reasons behind it is because a summer themed wedding is actually has a lot simpler preparation off all, but one wrong move could make this party goes array. According to weddings.lovetoknow.com, key to achieve one glorious and unforgettable summer themed wedding is to make sure you pay close attention to every detail that make summer time special – you can start by adding some elements which closely linked to nature. For example, add some lavish floral arrangements and incorporate green colors onto the reception. This will not only instantly lighten up the mood, but it also will act as a fun reminder that summer is here. Summer themed buffet will be a great addition to your party, so make sure to bring some of the most favorite summer dishes onto the plate. The easiest and simplest choice will be Barbecue, potato salad, green salad, and some fresh fruits – you can always add any food of your choice. As for the most crucial part of all, the wedding venue, pick an outdoor location which resonates with the summer theme. A garden or backyard will be a great choice, but you can always add more points onto your wedding reception by picking out a unique venue such as a communal area by the pool. For those of you who reside within Surabaya area, you’re in luck, because Singgasana Hotel Surabaya has a large communal area which can make your summer themed wedding party comes true! With the capacity up to 1,500 guests, our communal area surely has some of the most important elements which will be suitable for a summer themed wedding – from our large pool to a lavish garden surrounded it. As for the buffet, it can be customize to meet your needs!

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