5 Interesting Facts About Surabaya Zoo

January 23, 2019

Described as an establishment to maintain collections of wild animals, it has been universally acknowledged that zoo is one of the most beloved tourist attractions ever existed. Not only serve as the perfect place to spend your time with families, but it is also great for educational purposes – for kids can learn about animal conservation in the most unique and fun way.
Understanding people’s need for education and entertainment, Surabaya Zoo had existed for many years to accommodate those demands. Unfortunately, two years ago Surabaya Zoo had been put in the spotlight for animal cruelty accusation. Animal rights advocate and people from all around the world made a petition as a sign of protest for the poor treatment on the animals.
Years had passed since the unfortunate event, now Surabaya Zoo is still working for the improvement of their establishment. Not only that, along with the improvement they also added more exciting recreational and educational activities on their plate. For those of you who are planning on paying Surabaya Zoo a visit, here are 5 interesting facts you need to know about this place!

1.    The biggest zoo in South East Asia
Did you know that Surabaya Zoo is considered as the biggest zoo in South East Asia? Built in a 37-acres land, this place is currently resided by 351 species of more than 2.000 animals - including some of the most endanger species from Mammals, Aves, Reptiles, and Pisces family. On March 2018, Surabaya Zoo dealt with the likely overpopulation of Komodo dragons after 13 of them laid a dozen eggs a few months earlier. This situation was brought to Surabaya authority’s attention, which then led to a plan to build a dragon park around Kenjeran area in the nearest future. With the ever-so-growing population of these animals, perhaps one day you will be the witnessed of Surabaya Zoo’s expansion.

2.    One of the most famous historical place in Surabaya
On August 31st, 1916, the Governor General of the Netherlands East Indies released a decree which was known as ‘Soerabaiasche Planten-en Dierentuin.’ Here, was stated that a botanical and animal park will be established as means to track down, study, and conserve some of the Indonesia’s most wild and endangered animals. Few months after that, the first Surabaya Zoo was established in Kaliondo, before then being moved to Groedo road on September 28th, 1917.
Few years after that, Surabaya Zoo went through some major changes before finally made its debut in 1939. For instance, in 1920 Surabaya Zoo was moved to yet another location. This zoo was also experienced its first financial crisis in 1922 and a plan to close the establishment was emerged. Finally, in 1927, Surabaya Zoo was financially aided by mayor of Surabaya, Djikerman, who also purchase 32.000 m² new plot of land for the zoo. With its long history, it is not a secret that Surabaya Zoo is known to be one of the oldest and perhaps most historical places in Surabaya.

3.    Strategic location
Located in Setail road 1, Darmo, Wonokromo, Surabaya, Surabaya Zoo is also considered as one of the most visited place in Surabaya. This is mainly due to the fact that Surabaya Zoo is located right in the heart of Surabaya and of course it is quite easy to be accessed by those who have never visited the city. For example, if you stay with Singgasana Hotel Surabaya on your next trip to Surabaya, it will only take five minutes for you to get to Surabaya Zoo!
Besides its easy access, another perks you can get if you visit Surabaya Zoo is that you can find another Surabaya’s most famous tourist attractions nearby. For instance, you can find Surabaya’s most well-known landmark ‘Sura dan Buaya’ statue right before you enter the zoo’s gate. Around 2 km away from the zoo are Tugu Pahlawan and Taman Bungkul - another city landmark which are definitely worth to visit. If you want to buy some unique and traditional souvenirs to bring home, try Mirota Batik which is also located 2 km away from Surabaya Zoo. Needless to say, there will be no such thing as a boring day if you pay this zoo a visit!

4.    There are 14 recreational and 6 educational activities you can find
Unlike any other zoo that you might have visited in the past, Surabaya Zoo has some of the most unique elements you wouldn’t possibly want to miss. Citing from the official website of Surabaya Zoo, there are at least 14 recreational and 6 educational activities that this place has to offer. For example, for those of you who are looking forward to experience a fun yet thrilling sensation of hopping in the back of an Elephant or Camel, on a recreational activity called “Tunggang Gajah” and “Tunggang Onta.” Maybe, you are more of an adventurous soul? Then, Surabaya Zoo’s flying fox and outbound area might be perfect for you.
As mentioned before, here in Surabaya Zoo you can also find some of the most fun yet educative activities for every family member. “Paket Edukasi” and “Keepers Talk” are considered as visitors’ favorite activities every time they pay Surabaya Zoo a visit. According to Surabaya Zoo official site, Paket Edukasi is a paid educational program where visitors are allowed to join a group of people who share the same interest on learning more about animals. As for Keepers Talk, this is an activity where an animal keeper will answer your most mind-boggling questions about all of the animals that live there.

5.    Cool facilities
Last but certainly not least, will probably be another reason of why you should never forget to put Surabaya Zoo on your itinerary. Amongst those 14 recreational activities, there are some fun activities which will be perfect for those of you who are just looking for a chill and relaxing day at the zoo. For instance, Surabaya Zoo has a unique spot called “Taman Selfie” – a place which was designed to be a designated place for visitors who wants to take some cool pictures to bring home. “Breakfast with Elephant” is where you can feel the unique sensation of having a nice meal in an outdoor restaurant, while watching a herd of elephants have their breakfast. If your kids are started to get whiny and tired, take them to Surabaya Zoo’s kids pool and they will instantly have the best day of their lives!
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