August 11, 2016

When you have 5 hours of transit in Surabaya, don’t waste your time only by waiting. Within 5 hours you can use the time to slightly explore Surabaya through some little things. Here are some activities you could do while in transit for 5 hours.


1. Culinary Explore 

Eat and try some of Surabaya’s iconic food is a must. There are various restaurants or traditional warongs around the airport that is reachable via any kind of public transportations. You can try 

Bebek Palupi, Rujak Cingur Bu Nur, Sego Sambel Mak Yeye and many more. 


2. Take A Picture

Head to one or two Surabaya’s iconic statue or popular places and take a picture. This way you can have a cheap and memorable souvenir from Surabaya.


3. Shopping

Because, why not! Buy some souvenirs or popular snack of East Java such as almond crispy, sambal udang, kerupuk ikan, jenang dan sirop mangrove, and enjoy it with your friends back home.


4. Enjoy the Beach 

If you’d like to enjoy the breeze for some time, simply go to Kenjeran Beach. Here, you can also enjoy various kind of spicy and delicious seafoods. Yum!


5. Visit Museum 

One of the museums you could visit while in Surabaya is Rumah Batik. Rumah Batik is the biggest batik museum in Surabaya where you can see a complete collection of Batik, you also might want to buy one or two Batik for your mother.


If your transit time is more than 5 hours or maybe a day, you can stay at Singgasana Hotel Surabaya. We will make sure you have a really great time during your stay.