Here is Why You Should Donate Your Blood

June 02, 2016

Blood donation is a positive and noble social activity that could be done by anyone in different ages. There are so many people out there who need blood that is why every single drop of blood is precious. We as a donor could help to save one’s life with our blood, in the other hand it also brings so many benefits to our body. 


Blood Cell Renewal 

Many doctors suggest, to do a blood donation once in every 3 months for men and once in 4 months from women. Someone who consists of doing this will have a fresher look and become more active than those who don’t. It is because the red blood cells are regenerating in 48 hours after donor. The new cells will be formed and it helps your organs to functioning much better.


Calorie Burning

At least 65o calorie will be burned when you donate 500 ml blood. So, we can say that donating blood could also help to maintain your ideal weight. But please don’t make this an excuse to diet.


Pshycological Stability

With a fresher look comes a clearer mind. Some people claim (according to many sources) that the level of their stress is lower after donating blood. This for sure is a good thing for your social life or and great for you when facing a problem.


Lowering the Iron Level

The level of iron in one’s body is decreased for every blood donor, which means it could reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Iron functions to accelerate the oxidation process of cholesterol in our body, this is not good for the artery as it could raises an atherosclerosis. 


Free Examination 

Before donating blood someone must be examined to find out if they are proper to do a donor (if their body is fit to donor or if they might have a certain diseases that contagious). You can use this chance for a free examination.


Blood donation in the holy month of Ramadan is a great option as you can help others while helping you increase your Ramadan reward, as long as you are fit and proper to do it. Usually you will be given fresh milk and snacks after donating blood, but if you want more you can visit Singgasana Hotel Surabaya because we have plenty of good food for fast-break menu.