Outward Bound

The 15 acres of lush tropical garden is suitable for familiy and corporate events. This outdoor activity area is set to test your skills in teamwork, managing people, and coordination and suitable for families, kids, adults and corporate groups. The outward bound activities are professionally organized by professionals. An amount of charge is applicable for usage. This area is available for hotel guests and outside patrons. Prior reservations required for usage with terms and conditions applied.

Surrounded by 15 acres of lush tropical garden, Singgasana Adventure consists of our famous camping ground and outbound area.

Made specifically to cater family events or large corporate events, guests can enjoy arrays of fun activities around the Outbound Area, which is suitable for enhancing skills in teamwork and communication. As for our Camping Ground, guests can experience a unique sensation of setting up a camp in the middle of bustling city like Surabaya!